Well Code's gone on away with his Dad to New York till the 29th. How will TSC cope, well April is still around so we wil cope, just about :) When Code said he would be driving, I was kinda worried to what the American Government would let such a person drive :D just kidding. Anyway it'll kinda be different without the gay humour in TSC :P heheh I just need a reason to post on here so I had to find a reason :)

For the longest damn time I couldn't figure out what was ailing my comp. My scheduled tasks wouldn't run. I had problems installing certain programs, upgrading some, etc. I finally found out why. If you name your C drive's volume label WINDOWS, and you have windows installed in a folder also named WINDOWS on your C drive, it can cause a conflict. Your OS won't know where to locate some files. That was the case with me. Name it something else, like PRIMARY or something.

Now that I got that settled, I may try to upgrade IE again...or maybe not :-/

Here is another Linksys techie support log for your amusement :)

Rommel De Vela: Welcome to Linksys Live Tech Support. How cna I help you today?
Tom: I cannot access my wireless routers config page/setup
Rommel De Vela: Welcome to Linksys Live Tech Support. How many pc's do you have there?
Tom: 2
Rommel De Vela: Both wireless pc's?
Tom: yes
Rommel De Vela: Are you using linksys wireless cards?
Tom: yes
Tom: model#: wmp54g
Rommel De Vela: Both pc's can't access it?
Tom: nope, neither can access the setup page
Rommel De Vela: Were you able to access the internet on both pc's?
Tom: i am using Sygate Personal Firewall on each PC, but they are set too allow connections in/out
Tom: yes, i'm using the internet now.
Rommel De Vela: Did you download sygate or you have a sygate cd?
Tom: does that matter? the freeware is the same
Rommel De Vela: I suggest you to try uninstalling it and see if that's causing you the problem...
Tom: k, two secs
Rommel De Vela: Ok
Tom: ok, it doesn't seem to have solved the problem
Tom: are you sure the router is not faulty?
Rommel De Vela: You may consider resetting it
Tom: ill go try..
Rommel De Vela: Is the router working when you connect one pc directly to it?
Tom: i cannot access the setup page whether its one or both connected
Rommel De Vela: Were you able to access the internet using the router?
Tom: i am acesing the internet at this minute, I cannot access the router setup page
Rommel De Vela: Since when did the problem started?
Tom: since i bought the router
Rommel De Vela: When?
Tom: thursday
Rommel De Vela: What'r the ip addresses that you pc's are getting from the router?
Tom: do you mean the router IP or the computers IP's ?
Rommel De Vela: Computer's ip
Tom: and
Rommel De Vela: Are those ip addresses, statically assigned?
Tom: they are the addresses that the router assigned to the computers
Rommel De Vela: Ok..were you able to ping the router?
Tom: i get no reply from pinging the router
Rommel De Vela: Ok..i believe the firmware of the router is not working..
Tom: i can ping my other pc no problems
Rommel De Vela: Internet is working behind the router, correct?
Tom: im acessing the internet now right?
Rommel De Vela: I suggest you to download netscape or opera browser on the internet and use them to access it..i'm thinking of IE problem here too, otherwise try hard resetting the router
Tom: my fireware is up-to-date. I'm using Opera 7, and i have tried hard resetting..you sure its not faulty hardware?
Tom: and why would IE be a problem?
Rommel De Vela: High security on IE..what ip address did you type on the browser to access it, anyway?
Rommel De Vela: Ok..how did you perform the hard reset on the router?
Tom: i unplugged the router and held the reset button for about a minute
Rommel De Vela: You may consider, unplugging the power, hold the reset for 5 secs, then plug the power and don't let go of the reset button and wait for another 30 secs, then release the button
Tom: should i return the router to the manufacturer?
Tom: ok ill try that
Rommel De Vela: If the problem persists, YES
Tom: ok
Tom: ill try the reset thingy now
Rommel De Vela: Anything else?
Tom: are you using the LinkSys technical support radio button program?
Tom: ok the resetting didnt work
Rommel De Vela: I suggest you to get a replacement if that didn't work
Tom: should i reccomend to my friends having the same problem, to return the hardware and buy netgear hardware?
Tom: anyway, thank you for your time
Rommel De Vela: You have an option to do that anyway, the firmware is faulty but we can't update it since you're not getting any response when you pin it..
Tom: kk
Tom: anyway i gotta go
Tom: by the way whats your ASL?

Have you ever wondered what everybody else's desktops look like?

Tom has made us a page to show you. See the top left menu for link.

Any member that wants to submit a screenshot of theirs, please give them to Code.

Welcome to our newest member, TSC[26];Leech Killa

Phillip: I am not able to connect to the routers configuration page :-(
Christopher Garlan: Thank you for contacting Linksys chat support. How may I assist you?
Christopher Garlan: Are you able to ping the router>
Phillip: nope
Phillip: but i can connect to the config on another wireless computer?
Phillip: any ideas?
Phillip: and right now im wired
Christopher Garlan: Are you connected to the router right now? Can you check the IP of the PC?
Phillip: yeah shure
Phillip: yeah shure
Christopher Garlan: What IP are you trying to ping? Any other wired computer behind the router?
Phillip: and nope
Christopher Garlan: Can you try to connect the wireless PC directly to the router and see if it will access the router
Phillip: it can
Phillip: as i said
Phillip: and i have reset the router
Phillip: and still nothing
Christopher Garlan: So when you're wired, you're not able to access the router's setup?
Phillip: yeah, either way this comp cannot get to the routers page
Phillip: wired or wireless
Christopher Garlan: And you're also not able to ping the router? Any firewall?
Phillip: nope none
Christopher Garlan: You've tried different computer already?
Phillip: yeap
Christopher Garlan: Have you tried holding the reset for about a minute?
Phillip: yeap
Phillip: is there by chance some setting in the router that will deny access to a certain MAC?
Christopher Garlan: What MAC?
Phillip: my mac
Christopher Garlan: MAC OS? There's none. The router works with different MAC OS
Phillip: can you please connect me to someone that knows wtf they are talking about? EVERY
NIC has a MAC address
Phillip: is there any way i can talk to your supervisor?
Christopher Garlan: If that's the MAC that you're talking about yes, the router have a setting to block the MAC address. I'm sorry but you have to be precise by saying "MAC Address"
Phillip: okay sorry
Phillip: i did not mean to sound like a asshole,
Phillip: im just really frusturated with this
Christopher Garlan: But if the PC's MAC address is blocked, you can't access the internet. Which you can right?
Phillip: yeap
Phillip: and my mac is not in the table, none are
Christopher Garlan: How about the firewall of XP?
Phillip: turned off
Phillip: why would xp firewall block port 80 sends?
Phillip: if it did, then there would not be any internet access
Christopher Garlan: Did you try to ping the router when the modem is not used?
Phillip: okay, just so ya know,
Phillip: inet goes to modem goes to router goes to computers
Phillip: so there is no reason for the modem to interfere
Christopher Garlan: Where is the modem connected on the router?
Phillip: umm into the input port
Christopher Garlan: What specifically?
Phillip: umm, the input port
Christopher Garlan: Is that the internet port?
Phillip: yeah
Phillip: lets just say the internet works, well, because im talking to you on a web based support system
Christopher Garlan: Actually, I don't know why this is not working because you've tried two computers already and both can't even ping the router. The funny this is, both have internet connection behind the router. If you can't ping the router, you should also have no internet when connected to it.
Phillip: darn, do you have anyone else i can talk to?
Christopher Garlan: If you've already tried to hard reset the router and tried to remove the modem from it and you still can't ping it when you have not firewall, I suggest you have this router replaced. The reason is we can't reflash its firmware if we can't ping it.
Phillip: i never updated the firmware
Christopher Garlan: If you can't ping the router, you can't update the firmware, which is the only solution I can think off.
Phillip: hmm, why would updating the router do anything?
Christopher Garlan: That's the solution when you can't access the router's setup page, and you have internet behind it.
Phillip: so, you are saying, you are using a little program that you choose a radio button that is the closest to my problem?
Phillip: and....there are no other avenues?
Christopher Garlan: No we don't have such programs, all the solutions I gave you were coming stright from my head, based on training and experience.
Phillip: well, then you are also saying, that you dont know?
Phillip: is there anyone that i can talk to that may know more or anything else?
Christopher Garlan: I'm saying that your case is very unique.
Phillip: hmm, do you know how many people rely on Linksys?
Christopher Garlan: No, actually, I've been asking my colleages here about your problem but everything they said, I've told you already.
Phillip: and i have talked to a friend, and she said her dad had the same exact problem
Phillip: she is telling me that you guys told her to replace the router,
Phillip: so he did, and he still has the same problem
Christopher Garlan: If after replacing the router, she still have the same problem, then the problem is on her PC.
Phillip: hmm, but i do not see how that is possible,
Phillip: why would it work one day and then not the next?
Christopher Garlan: At this moment I suggest that you try to remove the modem from the router and see if you can access it. That's the only thing we haven't done.
Phillip: if i was to do that, i would not have any internet access
Phillip: and i can tell you im positive that the modem has NOTHING to do with it
Phillip: the modem, like i said, it not behind the router, if it were then i would not have any internet access
Phillip: hmm, do you by chance know a Strauss del Mundo?
Christopher Garlan: Yes...
Phillip: okay just checking
Phillip: a friend is also having a problem with his router. and is talking to him / her
Phillip: hmm, could we switch techies?
Phillip: maybe you would know more about his problem and vice-versa
Phillip: his name is Scott
Christopher Garlan: What do you mean by that?
Phillip: my buddy is currently talking to Strauss, im wondering if he / she knows more about my problem, and maybe you know more about his problem
Christopher Garlan: As what I've told you, He'll just be saying the same thing about your problem. I can just talk to Strauss about Scott's problem.
Phillip: hmm, is there anyone else there, maybe a manager or someone, that would know a little more about this shitty router?
Phillip: because, right now, im not going to tell any of my friends to purchase a linksys router
Christopher Garlan: Actually, I've seen your friends problem. It's different than what you have.
Phillip: yeah i know
Phillip: i was talking about two different people
Phillip: but then again, i also have this problem when im running linux on this computer
Phillip: do you guys not support linux?
Christopher Garlan: We don't. If you don't want to do that because you will loose me, I suggest that you give us a call so that we can deal with that problem and be free to do every troubleshooting we need.
Christopher Garlan: The phone number is 1-800-326-7114
Phillip: okay, umm, one question, why would i call, if im talking to you know?
Phillip: im a very bright person
Phillip: any troubleshooting i can do over this
Christopher Garlan: But you don't want to do the thing I've told you. You can't also do that because certainly you'll loose the internet. You're a bright person to understand that right? You've done basically all the troubleshooting that I've mentioned.
Phillip: what is the thing that i have not done that you are telling me to do?
Phillip: and....you are contridicating yourself with that statement
Christopher Garlan: Hard Reset... Try to connect the computer directy to the router without the modem and try to ping the router. Try also a different LAN port on the router.
Phillip: okay give me a sec and i will do that
Phillip: umm but, i am connected Directly to the router
Phillip: and my sis comp, which is set up exactly like mine, can get to it, while on wireless
Christopher Garlan: Did you just said that you can access the setup page using the wireless PC?
Phillip: yeah
Phillip: my sis's wireless pc
Phillip: but i cant
Christopher Garlan: Can you see if you can ping each other's computer?
Phillip: yeah shure
Phillip: yeap
Phillip: workd
Phillip: Reply from bytes=32 time=46ms TTL=128
Christopher Garlan: Have you tried to wire your sis' PC directly to the router and see if they can ping each other?
Phillip: why would that matter?
Phillip: they would be able to either way
Christopher Garlan: Can't we just try that?
Phillip: dont have enuff wire for that lol
Christopher Garlan: Where di dou do the ping from?
Phillip: my computer
Phillip: all that the router see's is a request from one ip to another ip
Christopher Garlan: how about from your sis' PC?
Phillip: ill try and ping myself
Christopher Garlan: Noo try to ping from the other PC
Phillip: i have
Phillip: and she cant ping me
Phillip: which is kinda weird
Christopher Garlan: From your sis's PC, try to ping your PC's IP address.
Phillip: i did
Phillip: and she cant ping me
Christopher Garlan: You know, what? Perhaps shse's connected to a different wireless router.
Phillip: nah, only have one
Phillip: and the next house is around a mile away
Christopher Garlan: How about your neighbors?
Phillip: and she can share files with me
Christopher Garlan: Is that so... I suggest that you try to connect all the PC's directly to the router and take the modem out. See if they can access the router's page.
Phillip: well, i will try this, but i must warn you that if this does not work, ima throw the defective thing out
Christopher Garlan: Ok?
Phillip: bye bye now
Christopher Garlan: If the other PC can't ping you, the problem might be on your PC.
Phillip: hmm i dont see how
Phillip: if we can share files
Christopher Garlan: But you can't explain why she can't ping you, right?
Christopher Garlan: And you're able to ping her PC.
Phillip: yeap
Christopher Garlan: So you can't blame the router totally.
Phillip: umm, why not?
Christopher Garlan: So it appears that the problem is more on your PC, and not the router.
Phillip: hmm, should not be, my pc is only 3 months old
Christopher Garlan: Well, anyway you can just try that one out first.
Phillip: okay ill just talk to you later
Christopher Garlan: I can't say it's about the date because it happens even if it's just brand new.
Christopher Garlan: Thank you for using Linksys chat support. If you have further inquiries or problems please feel free to contact us again.

I had a discussion with nimda concerning my idea of adding buttons linking to member sites on the left menu. He raised some very valid points.

If I allow everyone to supply a URL to a button and add it,
  1. It will look like a bunch of ads and take away from the attractiveness of the site by spoiling the colors & style.
  2. Many of you have sites located on free servers that don't allow linking of images.
  3. Since the graphics would be located all over the web, it will cause the page to load very slowly.
  4. Many of you may have no clue how to compress a graphic to a small size, which will also cause slow loading times.

I decided to still link to member sites, but I will host the graphics on the same server as the logo...that solves problems 2 & 3....and I will make the buttons....that solves problems 1 & 4.

I already made a button for every member with their "name" on it, now all I will need is the URL of your site. Some of you won't need to supply this, as I already know where the site is that will be linked to your button.

Any member that has a site and wants a link, please click the comments link below and leave a note with the name of the site and it's URL.

Any member with a personal website that would like to see their button on the left panel, please give the URL of your button and website to me.

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