Here is another Linksys techie support log for your amusement :)

Rommel De Vela: Welcome to Linksys Live Tech Support. How cna I help you today?
Tom: I cannot access my wireless routers config page/setup
Rommel De Vela: Welcome to Linksys Live Tech Support. How many pc's do you have there?
Tom: 2
Rommel De Vela: Both wireless pc's?
Tom: yes
Rommel De Vela: Are you using linksys wireless cards?
Tom: yes
Tom: model#: wmp54g
Rommel De Vela: Both pc's can't access it?
Tom: nope, neither can access the setup page
Rommel De Vela: Were you able to access the internet on both pc's?
Tom: i am using Sygate Personal Firewall on each PC, but they are set too allow connections in/out
Tom: yes, i'm using the internet now.
Rommel De Vela: Did you download sygate or you have a sygate cd?
Tom: does that matter? the freeware is the same
Rommel De Vela: I suggest you to try uninstalling it and see if that's causing you the problem...
Tom: k, two secs
Rommel De Vela: Ok
Tom: ok, it doesn't seem to have solved the problem
Tom: are you sure the router is not faulty?
Rommel De Vela: You may consider resetting it
Tom: ill go try..
Rommel De Vela: Is the router working when you connect one pc directly to it?
Tom: i cannot access the setup page whether its one or both connected
Rommel De Vela: Were you able to access the internet using the router?
Tom: i am acesing the internet at this minute, I cannot access the router setup page
Rommel De Vela: Since when did the problem started?
Tom: since i bought the router
Rommel De Vela: When?
Tom: thursday
Rommel De Vela: What'r the ip addresses that you pc's are getting from the router?
Tom: do you mean the router IP or the computers IP's ?
Rommel De Vela: Computer's ip
Tom: and
Rommel De Vela: Are those ip addresses, statically assigned?
Tom: they are the addresses that the router assigned to the computers
Rommel De Vela: Ok..were you able to ping the router?
Tom: i get no reply from pinging the router
Rommel De Vela: Ok..i believe the firmware of the router is not working..
Tom: i can ping my other pc no problems
Rommel De Vela: Internet is working behind the router, correct?
Tom: im acessing the internet now right?
Rommel De Vela: I suggest you to download netscape or opera browser on the internet and use them to access it..i'm thinking of IE problem here too, otherwise try hard resetting the router
Tom: my fireware is up-to-date. I'm using Opera 7, and i have tried hard sure its not faulty hardware?
Tom: and why would IE be a problem?
Rommel De Vela: High security on IE..what ip address did you type on the browser to access it, anyway?
Rommel De Vela: did you perform the hard reset on the router?
Tom: i unplugged the router and held the reset button for about a minute
Rommel De Vela: You may consider, unplugging the power, hold the reset for 5 secs, then plug the power and don't let go of the reset button and wait for another 30 secs, then release the button
Tom: should i return the router to the manufacturer?
Tom: ok ill try that
Rommel De Vela: If the problem persists, YES
Tom: ok
Tom: ill try the reset thingy now
Rommel De Vela: Anything else?
Tom: are you using the LinkSys technical support radio button program?
Tom: ok the resetting didnt work
Rommel De Vela: I suggest you to get a replacement if that didn't work
Tom: should i reccomend to my friends having the same problem, to return the hardware and buy netgear hardware?
Tom: anyway, thank you for your time
Rommel De Vela: You have an option to do that anyway, the firmware is faulty but we can't update it since you're not getting any response when you pin it..
Tom: kk
Tom: anyway i gotta go
Tom: by the way whats your ASL?