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Chris Hanscom from Veign.com (and a longtime member of DonationCoder) has generously donated a super-tricked out version of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite with MSDN Premium Subscription for us to give away to one very lucky programmer.

The suite includes includes every piece of software that MS makes for development purposes: Visual Studio, all Microsoft Operating Systems, all software development platforms, lots of MS applications (all the Office products), mappoint, SQL Server, and also includes the full MSDN library on DVD plus online access. It's valued at over $10k.

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deadline is November 25th, 2006


NOTE: This giveaway is for serious programmers only, but you do not need to be a supporting member of DonationCoder.com to enter. If you have friends who are programmers but don't hang out at DC, please feel free to send them the link - we'd like the prize to go to someone who can really put it to use.

The prize cannot be resold and will be issued in the winners name with licensing being controled by Microsoft. As Microsoft is issuing the subscription, Veign and DonationCoder cannot be held liable for anything relating to this giveaway (to include, but not limited to, cancellation of subscription by failing to follow the licensing rules set forth by Microsoft or by attempting to resell any software included in the subscription). So we ask that only serious programmers enter.

(from donationcoder.com)

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