I received a request today for ebooks on ABAP.

If anybody knows where on the web I can find some, the help would be greatly appreciated.

Just leave a link to the site, with the title of the book, in a comment to this post.


We have a screenshot of what it will look like and more details...


  • Full Winmx support

  • Ares chat support

  • Multiple network IRC support

  • Bit Torrent support

  • Cross-platform for Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac

From what I am seeing, this could become the client that when combined with Gaim, could serve all your cross-platform online chat needs...and many of your downloading needs too.

If you have any feature requests, things you think WinMX lacks, etc....leave your suggestions in the comments and BugHunter will try to add as many of the good ones as possible.

Keep in mind that things like Winamp support are platform specific (Windows) and will not work on other OS's, so don't ask for it.

Boki made the announcement today that she is getting married!

And who is the lucky guy, you ask? (No, it's not Byte)

The Damned Gentleman Thug aka Thuggy is the lucky guy.

They have asked Dik to be best man, and he has accepted.

More details will be posted as they become available.

Congratulations Boki & Thuggy, from all your friends here at TSC. May you have many happy years together.

The first full WinMX replacement application, that can chat, share files, host rooms, handle both primary and secondary connections, do everything WinMX can...and more...is almost here.

BugHunter has been hard at work developing CrossMX and she says it should be ready for early beta testing in about 3-5 days.

Not only will CrossMX be the first application able to do all of what WinMX can, it will also be the first cross-platform application ...for Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac.

And it will also support IRC and Ares chat.

More details and a download link will be posted soon.

CodeIDE is an online IDE that works with BASIC, Pascal, C++, Perl, Javascript, HTML, and LISP.

Registered users can chat online and save programs on the service.


There is also a wiki to help you learn programming, and a forum for discussions.


Goodbye, cruel world! Farewell, you ugly toad!

Have you ever wondered what 'Hello World' would look like in various programming languages?

Delphi Example:

// Hello World in Delphi
Program Hello_World;
  WriteLn('Hello World');

Plenty more examples here:

The Hello World Collection

Let's face it...Google has serious flaws as a search engine. It is over-run with bogus pages of keyword lists, links to counterfeit sites, links to other inferior search pages, splogs, sites that try to hijack your browser and load your PC with spyware, and generally crappy unrelated results.

What you are looking for is burried in garbage. In order to find anything decent, related to what you are seeking, you have to set Google to show you 100 results per page instead of the default 10, and spend much more time scanning those results for what you are seeking.

  • What if there was a button on every page that let you vote whether the page was of quality or was crap?

  • And what if the quality pages moved up in rank as a result of your vote?

  • And what if the pages you labeled as crap fell in rank as a result of your vote?

  • And what if you could only vote for a page once, and only once? (you can always change your vote at some point in the future if the site became crap or became good)

  • And what if you came across a quality page that wasn't in your search engine's database and could add it yourself with just a click of a button?

  • And what if you could decide what keywords should be attached to pages?

What if StumbleUpon became a search engine?

It's not as far fetched as it might seem. At some point in the future, there will be enough SU members rating pages they come across and adding sites that they like to the database, that SU could actually make the jump from a simple amusement of random pages based on your interests, to a real search engine dishing out quality results based on rankings given by their userbase.

They could succeed where other search engines have failed.

I, for one, would love to see what would happen if SU did make the jump. It might be just the thing to replace Google as the top dog of search engines.