I decided that after putting up with Sabre hosting a fake TSC room for over a year that I would study his insane logic for doing so. He thinks that someone gave him my room, when it wasn't theirs to give, and that he now somehow owns the rights to it.

I applied that same logic by having freon give me his "Big Tits" room. I have as much rights to his room as he has to mine, right? If he can host a fake of mine for over a year, I can host a fake of his, right? If it is acceptable for him to do so, then it is acceptable for anyone else to do so too, right?

And he also stated this in reference to his hosting a fake of my room:

<SABre'> Show me a copyright, trademark or other IP protection. Otherwise be very carefull about your wording.

My channel was founded on February 17, 2004. It's name, logo, the website, etc was copyrighted to its creator (me) the moment I made the very first website for my channel, the very next day on February 18, 2004.

It was founded as a place of education, with its members helping each other with their knowledge and experience with programming, networking, web design, operating systems, and any other aspects of technology in which they have knowledge of, or are seeking knowledge of.

It is not a file trading room. It is a help and information exchange room where the help takes place live, right on your screen, in your chat window right when you need it. We help people educate themselves. We help you with your homework. We cater to your educational needs in any way that we reasonably can.

We are not a WinMX development room, although some members have done some developing for WinMX. Other members have done other types of developing that have absolutely nothing to do with WinMX.

At one time Sabre was a TSC member but he caused a large amount of trouble in TSC in the past and was kicked by me for disrespecting other members.

When Frontcode closed their peer caches and Sabre decided he needed a room to act as his home base for WinMX related stuff, he knew he couldn't use his own Big Tits room for that. He said it just wouldn't work. So he came to my room. He knew the reputation it had and that is what he wanted for his own.

He stated to me his intentions to take over my room whether I liked it or not and use it for his own purposes and not what it was intended for when I founded it. I told him to get his own damn room and Hollow even hosted one for him. But that wasn't good enough for him, he wanted TSC.

Rather than to let that happen and my channel become something it wasn't meant to be, I asked multi to shut it down. It was for the protection of my room, its reputation, and its members. It broke my heart to have to do that. That room was my home and the members were family.

Any room that has carried the name of mine that did not do so with my full approval does not subscribe to the principles it was founded on and therefore is a fake.

Yes, it is true that Sabre asked me if he could host it for me back in the late spring of 2006. But he lied to me and the members of TSC. He said he wanted things like it used to be with everyone working on various projects and discussing programming stuff...with all the old members back and us all getting along, like it was before he started trouble. He seemed like he was genuinely sorry for all the trouble he caused, as if he finally realized the damage he had done and wanted to make things right.

I was a fool to trust him and believe him, but it didn't last for long. When he revealed his true intentions, that was the end of any trust I had in him.

What he really wanted was to host a room that would attract people with programming skills that would be willing to create a new WinMX replacement that he could take full credit for and release as his own, making those that worked hard on it just a footnote in the credits, as if all they did was pour him some coffee while he was the one that did all the work. (If he is all he claims to be, why doesn't he just code it himself?)

He was angry at the people that were involved with PIE because they didn't have the programming skills he wanted for the next phase of his plans. TSC was where he thought he could find people to do that.

But he didn't care about the members needs. And he didn't understand that TSC is more than just a chatroom...it's a family...and we do care about each other, very much. That is one of the things that makes the room work.

He didn't care that Sable had just started a cat breeding business and needed help with how to build a website for it. That wasn't WinMX related and wasn't going to get him the new software written for him.

He didn't care that Boki was going to need help with Java to get her degree. That wasn't WinMX related and wasn't going to get him the new software written for him.

Sabre didn't care what the members wanted and needed. Things were going to be done his way, you were going to do what he said, code in the language he wanted you to, and work only on projects that he approved of.

No more homework help, no more help with your personal programming projects, no more help with the latest assignment they handed you at work, no more help with setting up your OS, no more help with getting rid of spyware and viruses, no more help with troubleshooting Linux issues, no more help getting your wireless to work, no more help understanding math, no more help with anything that didn't fit into his master WinMX plan.

He just wanted to use the members of TSC and throw them all away when he was done. He didn't care about them at all. He only cared about himself.

That is NOT in the spirit of the real TSC and I would have no part of it. I revoked his permission to host the room and I walked away stating that the room would reopen only when I could host it myself. But he refused to close it, thinking all of a sudden that some former member who hosted it for me had given it to him and now he owns it. It just doesn't work like that.

I did state that I would bring the room back and it would be what it was intended to be when I could host it myself. And that is what I did. And my members responded by filling my userlist. This is what they wanted. They didn't want Sabre's fake TSC and proved it over & over again this past year by visiting my channel and leaving Sabre all alone in his fake with nothing but his ego & his bots for company.

All of WinMX knows about this. They don't understand why Sabre keeps it open day after day and sitting in there all by himself. They think he's crazy. They make jokes about him. They don't understand why he doesn't just close the fake TSC room he hosts. I think it's because they are right...he is crazy.

So I figured if I can't beat him, I'll join him and use his very own logic until he decides his logic is flawed enough to quit using it himself.

So welcome to the new TSC...everything it has ever been, was intended to be, but now with more breasts. :-P

Today Sabre came into my channel to start trouble.

<ChaiRm@N 0f thE boRed> lol come to look at my tits again sabre
<SABre'> Nah, just looking at the list of assholes.
<ChaiRm@N 0f thE boRed> lol see your right up the top
<ChaiRm@N 0f thE boRed> good sspoting

Sabre made a threat that he would close the caches and send me all PIE users and that I had better be ready with a patch to get them connected.

Then Sable made a sarcastic joke about how she was going to take over WinMX, and Sabre's reply was as if he had just decided to let her have it. (of course we don't really believe Sabre would give up all that power and walk away, do we?)

<SABre'> So youi all got a patch and ready to run winmx?
<SABre'> Cause your about to get 200,000 banging on your door.....
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> i will take over winmx
<SABre'> Nope, just tired of the drama, you drama queens can have it.
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> see...
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> i just took over winmx

After that, Sabre (not Sable) posted a message to all PIE users, in the message window of their WinMX, that Sable has just taken over WinMX, which caused untold amounts of users to panic, thinking that the caches had been compromised and that Sable was the one that did it.

Screenshot of WinMX with Sabre's message

This was a very childish thing to do, in my opinion, and is just more proof that Sabre shouldn't be in any kind of control of any aspect of the network. He will abuse his power in any childish way he can and in the process poison the entire network.

Does he think his is the only cache on WinMX or that all WinMX caches are under his power tripping control?

He is using you, the users, as his pawns to play his childish games.

In my opinion, the PIE team should ask Sabre to step down before he abuses his power in some more childish ways and destroys everything for them. Unless of course they like the idea that he is discrediting them and making their patch users think that their cache has been compromised and that their patch is somehow not safe to use any more.

If this is the case, then they should just change their site to redirect to WMW's site and be done with it. Somehow I don't think that is what they really want....but that is almost what they are getting any way. But don't worry. WMW is ready and able to handle all 200,000 PIE users with their 9 caches that are not under the control of a mentally ill, power tripping man with the temper of a child.

PIE users are piling into WMW's channel, in droves, asking for help to remove the compromised PIE patch and replace it with theirs.

<Mr._Sin_hirche_dhu_tm> Why is there LVHCSable i just took over winmx on my screen?

<.:BËË®MÂÑ:.> not sure to the left of of ignore button, it says : LVCSabLe i just took over winmx
<.:BËË®MÂÑ:.> strange no 1 is connecting thru me while im on primary
¤l[W/¥\W]_QuickSilver_l¤ that is strange yes for pie patch

¤l[W/¥\W]_QuickSilver_l¤ poor sabre does he think the nine caches we operate cant handle his puny load ..lol
< Server KoRn > true
< Server KoRn > oh yes more winmx fix drama :P
< Server KoRn > LOVE IT
< Server KoRn > lol
<_Baby_Techie_Lovely_Lisa> lol
¤l[W/¥\W]_QuickSilver_l¤ lol
<_Baby_Techie_Lovely_Lisa> we are ready for them lol
< Server KoRn > it cracks me up

They are coming into Vladd's and wanting to know what is going on and about the compromised caches and if it is safe to be on WinMX any more.

It is Sabre that is making them run in fear. Neither Sable nor I have any control over the caches he runs. Neither Sable nor I can replace the notice on every PIE users message window like he can. This is all his childish actions as a reaction to his own logic being tested in the real world.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

  • I am unable to connect to the network after Sabre (using a proxy & different username) leaves my channel in a fit of anger over me using his own logic to justify hosting a clone of his Big Tits room, just like he has hosted a clone of mine (TSC) for the past year. (around 9:30 am)
  • Other users confirmed that they never lost the ability to connect to the network by using his cache.
  • Blocking of my IP at the peer cache level is suspected.
  • After replacing every instance of his IP in my HOSTS file with a WMW cache IP, I connected immediately.
  • Blocking is confirmed. (2:43 PM)

Sabre has proven both the ability and the willingness to selectively block users from the network, at the peer cache level, and he will use that ability to block any users that he doesn't like or doesn't agree with, and thereby violating their rights to free speech by removing them and their chatrooms from the network.

I wonder what the ACLU would think about this.

I wonder what the **AA's would think about this.

I wonder what the WinMX community would think about his ability and willingness to block them from THEIR network, as if the network belonged to Sabre and Sabre alone.

In my eyes, this only confirms my belief in the need for more caches run by more groups, and more patches to utilize them.

Too much power in the hands of too few, over a network that should be in the control of its real owners (the users) is not a good thing. It promotes and encourages those that have that power to behave badly, abusing that power, and act as if they are the sole owners of the network.

The network should not be run by a few insecure people with big egos (and mental problems) that do it for power and to make themselves feel more important.

We should not be keeping our eggs in too few baskets and trust those baskets to a few power tripping mentally ill individuals. It is not good for our network and in the long run will cause its complete collapse.

It is time for the WinMX users to take back their network and rid it of those that seek to take it away from them. It is time to put a new system in place to spread out the power among more users and groups that have the best interest of the users and the network in mind, and not themselves.

Wake up before it's too late!

To all those that think that making a patch open source will allow script kiddies to hijack applications or the network or people's pc's, I would like to point out this google search on dll injection.

Any script kiddie can do this search and read any instructions on how to accomplish this and plenty of sample code provided. KM probably did it himself while making his very first patch.

The methods of dll injection can be used for good or evil...as with any code, including code to create a simple text file to save program settings for your application.

It is basic programming skills to create a text file, with a particular name, in a particular folder on a hard drive. The HOSTS file is nothing more than a text file. If you can write code to make a file for saving your program's settings you can make a HOSTS file too. If you can write code to edit your program's settings file, you can edit a HOSTS file too.

Everything that would go into making a patch has already been done before in some form, and sample code for every aspect of it is already readily available. You could create a patch almost entirely by copying and pasting existing code that is already available to the public.

KM didn't invent the wheel when he made his patch. Nor was his the first to 'hijack' winmx to add features or functionality. Nor was WinMX the first application to ever be 'hijacked' with a dll.

This method of adding new features and functionality has been around for ages...it is even taught in schools. It is an important skill that most professional programmers need to know. In a corporate environment one often has to add specialized functionality to applications that are specific to that company's needs and are unavailable any other way.

There are plenty of plugins available for other applications without a built in plugin architecture that uses dll injection. How did they do it? Same way KM made his patch...same way the next patch will be made.

I do not see a reason for not making a patch open source... unless you are going to hide something nasty in it that you don't want your users to know about, because you intend on using their connection or pc for other evil purposes, and by making it open source they would easily find out about it and you would be exposed for the rat you truly are.

The only other reason to not make a patch open source is control. He who has the patch has the power to control those that want it if his is the only patch in town. Even if it is a crappy patch, he will have the power.

But once the code is released, he has no power. Anyone can then take that patch and improve it and make it better, solving any new problems that pop up on the network, and keep this network going forever.

Open source takes the power away from the coder who wants to be a god and gives it to the users, where in this case it rightfully belongs. Instead of one coder who thinks he is a god and can act like he owns winmx, you give that power to the users.

This network doesn't belong to one single entity any more. It stopped being one entity's 'property' when frontcode walked away. It is us, the users of winmx, every single one of us, that owns this network now. Anyone that tries to take control of the network by releasing a closed source patch is trying to take the network away from you.

Don't allow that to happen again. We have been there before, more than once. Do not be at the mercy of another Frontcode, KM, Sabre, or anyone else. Demand what rightfully belongs to you and hold on to it for dear life. Don't let anybody have the ability to shut down the network and leave you high & dry again.

Anybody that doesn't want an open source patch wants the network to die, wants the RIAA to win, and wants to take the network away from you because a closed source patch makes it much easier to accomplish that.

Someone from TSC was working on a patch to replace KM's and was threatened and told by Sabre that he better not make his patch open source or even release his patch to be used by others....that he better keep the patch for his own personal use and not to be used by the rest of the winmx community. Another member was threatened by Sabre too...he is working on a peer cache.

I wonder why he said that? Why is he threatening us and trying to stop us? Could it be that he thinks without a replacement to KM's patch that it makes him the god and new owner of winmx? That now the network belongs to him and only him?

Is this what you want? Do you want him to be your god? Do you want to be at his mercy? Do you want him to have power like that? Do you want him to have the ability to decide if winmx will continue or not? Do you want any single person or small group of people to have that kind of power?

I don't know about you, but this is not what I want and the sooner we have an open source patch and peer cache and eventually a replacement client with an improved protocol, the better better off we, the winmx community, will be.

Let's make the next patch OUR patch...OUR code...for OUR winmx and stop the madness that has plagued this network for the last 2 years and usher in the beginning of a new winmx era that will be free of the patch wars, accusations, and other crap of the past. A new winmx that works together as a team for the good of all of us...undivided...with a single purpose...to keep what is ours and make it grow.

That is why we are all still here right? Because winmx belongs to us? (I know it isn't the files...you can get the same files anywhere on any p2p.)