[hollow_life1987] no talking
[hollow_life1987] did i say you could talk
[hollow_life1987] no sorry
[hollow_life1987] you better be sorry
[hollow_life1987] sorry it wont happen again
[hollow_life1987] SHUT UP I SAID NO TALKING
[hollow_life1987] sorry
[hollow_life1987] stop talking
[hollow_life1987] *nods*
[hollow_life1987] thats better
[hollow_life1987] but you just talked
[hollow_life1987] *nods*
[hollow_life1987] dont give me that look
[hollow_life1987] what look
[hollow_life1987] that look you just gave me
[hollow_life1987] i didnt give you a look
[hollow_life1987] yes you did
[hollow_life1987] whatever
[hollow_life1987] DONT BACK TALK TO ME BOY
[] TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103 pats hollow on the head
[hollow_life1987] sorry
[TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103] it will be ok
[hollow_life1987] lol
[hollow_life1987] howdy april
[hollow_life1987] i got bored
[TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103] hey
[TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103] i see
[hollow_life1987] lol
[hollow_life1987] i was talking to my self
[hollow_life1987] shutup you i didnt say you could talk
[TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103] and answering
[hollow_life1987] yes sir
[hollow_life1987] lol
[TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103] it works better with a copy of mx and a copy of robo or something
[] hollow_life1987 hopes no one takes a screen shot
[] TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103 logged it
[hollow_life1987] lol
[hollow_life1987] would be a bit long to make the quotes page
[TSC[01]; -=Queen O'Nutty=-103] not too long for a full blog post :-P

[ løgïç 666] you need few tools for that
[ løgïç 666] a floppy,a green painted egg,a shirt with "1337 h4x0r",a realy angry guy and a hotchix0r
[ løgïç 666] so you wear the shirt
[ løgïç 666] go to the mall and spot a chix0r at your mall's mcDonalds
[ løgïç 666] then you find a huge guy(not too huge) and throw the egg at him
[ løgïç 666] that will make him realy angry
[ løgïç 666] you run to the chix0r(the guy must chase you) throw the floppy to her and say thatits important and you will meet her at the enterance in 15 mins
[ løgïç 666] then run out and let the guy kickz0r your ass
[ løgïç 666] then you come back all wounded and shit and if your lucky she actualy waits you
[ løgïç 666] in this case you come to her
[ løgïç 666] and try too look all deadly wounded
[ løgïç 666] tell her "tnx for saving that floppy...that guy wanted to steal my secret work that willprobably cost millions"
[ løgïç 666] she will belive if the wounds big enough and if she can see "1337 h4x0r" behindyour blood on the shirt
[ løgïç 666] then you tell "can i meet you later so i can tnx you?"
[ løgïç 666] and she will probably say "sure why not"(she gotta think your a cool bill gates thatwork for CIA or something)
[ løgïç 666] and whoila you got a chick
[ løgïç 666] all left is to get out of the hospital and call her
[ løgïç 666] lol