Boki does some real hands-on tech support. She will even connect to your pc, take control, and fix the problem for you when necessary.

One of the comical things about when she does this is how she will pop into a WinMX chatroom (mostly vladd's) with the owner's copy of WinMX, using their username, and announce that it's her in their pc.

I have decided to log those quotes from now on...a sort of documention of Boki's journeys.

They will be added to the comments of this post.

Feel free to add any that you have spotted that are missing. Check your chatlogs for some. I know there are tons.

Ever use a piece of software that caused you to use up all the swear words you know...and you ended up inventing a few new choice words to fit the situation?

How about a software company's customer service or tech support?

Got some hardware that is making smoke appear from under your collar?

Do you know a website that is constructed so badly it makes you want to rip your hair out?

You are not alone.

Welcome to

Have your say...complain publicly where all can see and be warned. Read what others have said about their experiences.

Maybe if we all put our voices together those companies that are torturing us will listen & get their acts together.

Let the ranting begin!