Whether it be Firefox, IE, Opera, Maxthon, AOLex, Lynx, or something else; why do you use the browser that you use?

Is it features? security? convience? performance? portability? a different reason?

Are you concerned that your browser may have hidden vulnerabilities that might be exploited?

Are you concerned about how well your browser protects you from spyware?

Does IE based browser objects embedded in the software you use bother you?

How do you feel about programs that open windows in IE instead of your default browser?

How do you handle multiple users on a single pc that want to each use a different browser as the default?

How about ads? Do you block ads? What methods do you use?

Do you wonder if there isn't some secrets about the safety & security of your browser being kept from you?

Do you have any idea what is myth & fact about various browsers? About the browser you use?

What features do you like most about your browser? like the least?

What features are missing from your browser that you would like to see added?

Let's get a discussion going. Click the comments link and post your thoughts.