is running a contest to pick a winner to be considered the fanciest Delphi application.

The prize is just fame & glory, to hold the title of 'Delphi Fancy-pants', to be the creator of the sweetest Delphi eye-candy..

The idea is pretty simple. Your Delphi application doesn't have to do anything useful, just look really amazing.

If you are like me, you like experimenting - creating pieces of Delphi code just to learn something new and create something interesting. If nothing else, to amaze your coworkers / family / yourself.
Sometimes the funny code I write actually does something smart - but most of the time - it's just to see if *this* can be done in Delphi.

Here's an idea that originated from this idea of mine: let's create a simple Delphi programming contest - the task is to code a fancy-do_nothing_smart application (a piece of code) in Delphi!
Let this one be for fame and glory - no material prizes will be given to any contestants - all of us will code for fame and glory - pure rivalry .

Nothing smart but fancy - and this is all what this contest is about: to create a "useless" application in delphi - one that is nice to see and one can learn something from it.

Hm .. ah .. ok. Rules are about to change! By looking at some of the "useless" applications I have created for over the years ... it seems there are quite a few that are pure gems: Ruler is a must, Zoomer is just great. Ok, I'm not shy.
New rule: it is ok for the fancy Delphi application you submit to useful!

I am not sure when the deadline is, but full rules are available on the site: