I had a discussion with nimda concerning my idea of adding buttons linking to member sites on the left menu. He raised some very valid points.

If I allow everyone to supply a URL to a button and add it,
  1. It will look like a bunch of ads and take away from the attractiveness of the site by spoiling the colors & style.
  2. Many of you have sites located on free servers that don't allow linking of images.
  3. Since the graphics would be located all over the web, it will cause the page to load very slowly.
  4. Many of you may have no clue how to compress a graphic to a small size, which will also cause slow loading times.

I decided to still link to member sites, but I will host the graphics on the same server as the logo...that solves problems 2 & 3....and I will make the buttons....that solves problems 1 & 4.

I already made a button for every member with their "name" on it, now all I will need is the URL of your site. Some of you won't need to supply this, as I already know where the site is that will be linked to your button.

Any member that has a site and wants a link, please click the comments link below and leave a note with the name of the site and it's URL.