Gmail, googles attempt at an email service, offers 1gb(1000mb) of space, perfect for storing emails. email it self is VERY heavy in Javascript, so need a new browser, April had to use Firefox, and I can use either IE or Firefox, Mozilla 1.6 doesn't work with it(or it might just be me). Its amazing that they offer 1gb and being free... but people on ebay are sellign them @ $100 dollars, price of one of them, just the invite. Guess people really want it. Must be kinda foolish for people to pay the money, then soon they will be public and let people signup... or they might stay on invite, i wish that they would, because of spam reasons, etc... ya know... Got my gmail account today, Thank you april for the invite ;)

Multi has made a new patch for winMX that will protect not only from the usual RTF crap but also offers protection from KM's latest little toy that floods rooms with fake people and rapidly changing names.

He has also added a feature to display a person's IP when they enter the room, similar to the one RCMS displays.

Hopefully in the near future he will be able to add some more useful features to it that will make it an ideal, truly backdoor free, alternative to RCMS.

Patch and details are available here:

Martin has taken a leave of absence from WinMX and all things that would be fun (oops, I meant distractions)

He intends on really concentrating on his studies and doing well. He will return as soon as he is in uni and all settled in and has an internet connection. (probably September)

Things won't be the same without him but we all wish him the best of luck.

And in case you are reading this, Martin, get back to work and stop goofing off :-P

For those of you that don't know, I am from NJ. It is a really weird place to live sometimes, and I subscribe to a weekly newsletter from Weird NJ Magazine that gives me the scoop on all of NJ's oddities. The following hilarious story is from the latest issue:

Now that the hot and sticky weather has returned you might be thinking of heading out to the shore to cool off. Well, if you're thinking of taking a dip anywhere near Little Egg Harbor, you might want to think again...


In our newest issue (#22) we have exclusive photographs of a large mysterious blob that appeared in a Little Egg Harbor tributary last July. The Blob, (the size equivalent to a Honda Civic) was netted and hauled out to the Great Bay and supposedly disposed of by sinking the stinking mass of slimy goop.

But it seems that a "Son Of Blob," a smaller, but just as gooey, putrid mass has surfaced in another waterway in the lagoon community of Beach Haven West, miles away from the original Blob encounter.

Son Of Blob is only about 10 feet in diameter, but is terrorizing the neighborhood nevertheless. Son Of Blob was last seen lingering in the corner of a bulkhead off Jonathan Drive.

"It's miserable, ugly and disgusting," said resident Nancy Olivia in the Press Of Atlantic City (4/27/04). Olivia called Ocean County officials to say "I went to work today, and I have a Blob in my back yard!"

The NJ Department of Environmental Protection, the NJ State Police and Ocean County Health Department have been called in to inspect the mass, and samples have been taken. The inspectors believe that it was not the same blob that appeared in Little Egg Harbor last year, but still do not have a clue as to what it consists of.

So far no such action to contain the blob and remove it has been taken. It is still at large––BEWARE!

If you know of any others that need to be added to the list, leave the URL in the comments.

Welcome TSC[26];kris & TSC[27];nimda.
Enjoy your stay!

Let's all welcome our newest member TSC[44];Vladd.

That's right...44 is no longer "reserved"'s TAKEN!!!