Today Sabre came into my channel to start trouble.

<ChaiRm@N 0f thE boRed> lol come to look at my tits again sabre
<SABre'> Nah, just looking at the list of assholes.
<ChaiRm@N 0f thE boRed> lol see your right up the top
<ChaiRm@N 0f thE boRed> good sspoting

Sabre made a threat that he would close the caches and send me all PIE users and that I had better be ready with a patch to get them connected.

Then Sable made a sarcastic joke about how she was going to take over WinMX, and Sabre's reply was as if he had just decided to let her have it. (of course we don't really believe Sabre would give up all that power and walk away, do we?)

<SABre'> So youi all got a patch and ready to run winmx?
<SABre'> Cause your about to get 200,000 banging on your door.....
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> i will take over winmx
<SABre'> Nope, just tired of the drama, you drama queens can have it.
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> see...
<¤LVHC¤SabLe> i just took over winmx

After that, Sabre (not Sable) posted a message to all PIE users, in the message window of their WinMX, that Sable has just taken over WinMX, which caused untold amounts of users to panic, thinking that the caches had been compromised and that Sable was the one that did it.

Screenshot of WinMX with Sabre's message

This was a very childish thing to do, in my opinion, and is just more proof that Sabre shouldn't be in any kind of control of any aspect of the network. He will abuse his power in any childish way he can and in the process poison the entire network.

Does he think his is the only cache on WinMX or that all WinMX caches are under his power tripping control?

He is using you, the users, as his pawns to play his childish games.

In my opinion, the PIE team should ask Sabre to step down before he abuses his power in some more childish ways and destroys everything for them. Unless of course they like the idea that he is discrediting them and making their patch users think that their cache has been compromised and that their patch is somehow not safe to use any more.

If this is the case, then they should just change their site to redirect to WMW's site and be done with it. Somehow I don't think that is what they really want....but that is almost what they are getting any way. But don't worry. WMW is ready and able to handle all 200,000 PIE users with their 9 caches that are not under the control of a mentally ill, power tripping man with the temper of a child.

PIE users are piling into WMW's channel, in droves, asking for help to remove the compromised PIE patch and replace it with theirs.

<Mr._Sin_hirche_dhu_tm> Why is there LVHCSable i just took over winmx on my screen?

<.:BËË®MÂÑ:.> not sure to the left of of ignore button, it says : LVCSabLe i just took over winmx
<.:BËË®MÂÑ:.> strange no 1 is connecting thru me while im on primary
¤l[W/¥\W]_QuickSilver_l¤ that is strange yes for pie patch

¤l[W/¥\W]_QuickSilver_l¤ poor sabre does he think the nine caches we operate cant handle his puny load
< Server KoRn > true
< Server KoRn > oh yes more winmx fix drama :P
< Server KoRn > LOVE IT
< Server KoRn > lol
<_Baby_Techie_Lovely_Lisa> lol
¤l[W/¥\W]_QuickSilver_l¤ lol
<_Baby_Techie_Lovely_Lisa> we are ready for them lol
< Server KoRn > it cracks me up

They are coming into Vladd's and wanting to know what is going on and about the compromised caches and if it is safe to be on WinMX any more.

It is Sabre that is making them run in fear. Neither Sable nor I have any control over the caches he runs. Neither Sable nor I can replace the notice on every PIE users message window like he can. This is all his childish actions as a reaction to his own logic being tested in the real world.