Wednesday, September 5, 2007

  • I am unable to connect to the network after Sabre (using a proxy & different username) leaves my channel in a fit of anger over me using his own logic to justify hosting a clone of his Big Tits room, just like he has hosted a clone of mine (TSC) for the past year. (around 9:30 am)
  • Other users confirmed that they never lost the ability to connect to the network by using his cache.
  • Blocking of my IP at the peer cache level is suspected.
  • After replacing every instance of his IP in my HOSTS file with a WMW cache IP, I connected immediately.
  • Blocking is confirmed. (2:43 PM)

Sabre has proven both the ability and the willingness to selectively block users from the network, at the peer cache level, and he will use that ability to block any users that he doesn't like or doesn't agree with, and thereby violating their rights to free speech by removing them and their chatrooms from the network.

I wonder what the ACLU would think about this.

I wonder what the **AA's would think about this.

I wonder what the WinMX community would think about his ability and willingness to block them from THEIR network, as if the network belonged to Sabre and Sabre alone.

In my eyes, this only confirms my belief in the need for more caches run by more groups, and more patches to utilize them.

Too much power in the hands of too few, over a network that should be in the control of its real owners (the users) is not a good thing. It promotes and encourages those that have that power to behave badly, abusing that power, and act as if they are the sole owners of the network.

The network should not be run by a few insecure people with big egos (and mental problems) that do it for power and to make themselves feel more important.

We should not be keeping our eggs in too few baskets and trust those baskets to a few power tripping mentally ill individuals. It is not good for our network and in the long run will cause its complete collapse.

It is time for the WinMX users to take back their network and rid it of those that seek to take it away from them. It is time to put a new system in place to spread out the power among more users and groups that have the best interest of the users and the network in mind, and not themselves.

Wake up before it's too late!