I finally found a prog that would allow me to open that huge file with the pizza log in it. After trying every prog I could think of (notepad, wordpad, IE, Firefox, Editpad Pro, etc) it turned out to be my own simple TSC Notepad that was able to open it without freezing or crashing. So here it is...the long awaited Pizza Log:


[16:05.29] TSC[02];HOST848_61754 hopes that mom brought food
[16:05.43] [Løgïç101_16514] hehe
[16:05.49] [Løgïç101_16514] pizza?
[16:05.55] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] i'll let you download some pizza if she didn't ;-)
[16:06.08] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] pizza://
[16:06.11] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] sorry ...
[16:06.14] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] pizzas://
[16:06.20] [Løgïç101_16514] from your hubby's site?
[16:06.26] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] has to be a secure link when you order food
[16:06.30] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] no...from my HD
[16:06.51] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] or else they may throw some extra packets on it (AKA spit on it)
[16:07.10] [Løgïç101_16514] www.aprilspizzas.com/~fortknoxlink.htm
[16:07.12] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] email you some fresh home-made pizza
[16:07.20] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] pizzas://with.the.works.yum
[16:07.26] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] with an ass-print in the middle
[16:07.36] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] april ... put my address in the cc field
[16:07.41] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] lol
[16:07.48] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:07.56] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] the pizzas:// protocol?
[16:07.57] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] hehe
[16:08.04] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] yea
[16:08.09] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol
[16:08.17] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] sort of like the irc:// one...but PIZZA!!
[16:08.31] [Løgïç101_16514] what port does it run on
[16:08.36] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] it's no longer World Wide Web, it's Pizza Wide Web ... pizzas://pww.etc.com
[16:08.41] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] food://pizza.somewhere.net
[16:09.01] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] the food protocol
[16:09.16] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] on pizzaweb
[16:09.20] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] pizzas://pepespizza.isgreat.tv ;-)
[16:09.35] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] it will use the UDP protocol .. so if you order mushrooms with your pizza, you may lose some
[16:09.44] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] lol
[16:09.46] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol
[16:09.49] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:10.05] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] porn://the.web.isgreat.net/
[16:10.23] TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496 wants martin to make a post about it...explain in detail...on the TSC site...lol
[16:10.28] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol
[16:10.32] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] how it would work .. lol
[16:11.03] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] won't it require some sort of special hardware?
[16:11.08] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] you'll be laughing when microsoft make it .. lol - then again, will our pepsi's "overflow" if they do that!
[16:11.24] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] i guess it would .. to break the pizza into light .. lol
[16:11.51] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] on-demand pizza-integration
[16:12.23] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] or PT... Pizza Technology
[16:12.45] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] fuck IT
[16:12.52] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] i want PT
[16:12.56] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] that big thing that looks like a giant CD drive is NOT a CD drive
[16:13.16] [Løgïç101_16514] Pizza Drives
[16:13.22] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] yup...lol
[16:13.23] [Løgïç101_16514] PD RW
[16:13.37] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] u can re-write over eaten pizzas? lol
[16:13.44] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] kool
[16:13.49] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] [ewww]
[16:13.55] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] RW? in case they get the order wrong and stick anchovies on it?
[16:13.56] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] is it like a fixed base, which gets re-recorded over
[16:14.06] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol april .. yeah
[16:14.19] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:14.41] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] anchovies/sardines/mushrooms... whatever
[16:14.50] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] what other room has conversations like this? :-P
[16:15.32] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] mushrooms are good
[16:15.42] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] now you just have to write the protocol for high-bandwith pizza-transfers
[16:15.43] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] fuck anchovies and sardines
[16:16.07] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] better order extra mushrooms
[16:16.29] TSC[02];HOST848_61754 will send zipped mushrooms
[16:16.36] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] i wonder if they will support resume on the pizza downloads
[16:16.41] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] lol
[16:16.46] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] 56k might only get half pizzas
[16:17.06] Løgïç101_16514 gets pizzaband 100mbit
[16:17.07] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] the PD-RW will have to be connected to the heatsink on the processor...use the heat to keep the pizza hot
[16:17.18] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol .. you'll get illegal sources for pizzas downloads .. i can just see http://www.suprpizza.org
[16:17.26] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] and the PIAA
[16:17.32] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] lol
[16:17.34] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] lmao
[16:17.36] [Løgïç101_16514] pizzamx
[16:17.44] [Løgïç101_16514] PiZzA
[16:17.49] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] we're making history here .. lol
[16:18.07] [Løgïç101_16514] anyone logging this?
[16:18.12] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] watch out for that pizza virus
[16:18.18] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] «--
[16:18.18] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] «--logging
[16:18.23] [Løgïç101_16514] Win32.Pizzza.a
[16:18.29] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] I am going to post this
[16:18.40] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:18.41] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol tom
[16:18.56] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] win32.e-coli.a
[16:19.01] [Løgïç101_16514] Pinux
[16:19.07] [Løgïç101_16514] Pindows
[16:19.11] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] yummy
[16:19.20] TSC[02];HOST848_61754 is hungry again
[16:19.27] [Løgïç101_16514] win32.salmonella.c
[16:19.38] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] we would need new browsers tho, which have smell
[16:19.53] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] :)
[16:19.56] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] so when we visit out pizzas://pww.etc.com sites .. we can smell which we want
[16:19.57] [Løgïç101_16514] SmellNet Explorer
[16:19.59] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] touch screens with scratch & sniff
[16:20.30] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] hehe
[16:20.51] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] "Page best viewed in a pizza browser"
[16:20.58] [Løgïç101_16514] Pizza Hut = Microsoft
[16:21.04] [Løgïç101_16514] Deep Pan Pizza = Linux lol
[16:21.11] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] MSPN
[16:21.15] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] pizza porn = Pizza Slut
[16:21.16] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] it has all the recipies
[16:21.21] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol april
[16:21.28] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:21.45] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] pizza porn jokes ... you were right april, WHAT other room has conversations like this one does hu!
[16:22.16] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] we are sick demented geeks
[16:22.32] [Løgïç101_16514] nah just you ;)
[16:22.40] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] are you deserting us tom?
[16:22.43] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] that are hungry?
[16:22.50] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] no pizza for tom
[16:23.03] TSC[02];HOST848_61754 installs the desert driver.
[16:23.13] [Løgïç101_16514] nah im super g33k
[16:23.15] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] *dessert
[16:23.21] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] that to
[16:23.24] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] when the pizza downloading hardware comes out tho, it wont be compatible with linux
[16:23.32] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] just out of irony
[16:23.41] [Løgïç101_16514] *Pizznux
[16:23.42] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] of course
[16:23.46] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] hmmm...might only be compatable with linux ;-)
[16:24.13] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] that would get everyone to ditch windows real quick
[16:24.53] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol yea april .. maybe not straight away
[16:24.56] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] but by dinner .. lol
[16:25.01] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] lol
[16:25.22] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] laptops instead of lunch boxes for kids to take to school
[16:25.35] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol
[16:25.41] [Løgïç101_16514] L:AG
[16:25.45] [Løgïç101_16514] .;.
[16:25.46] £èè¢h_KÁ619_15294 has entered
[16:25.47] [Løgïç101_16514] Lag in this channel is 02 seconds and 031 milliseconds
[16:26.41] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] PIZZA LAG
[16:26.45] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] Pizza won't be delivered to this channel for another 25 years
[16:26.49] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] ohh, that would really suck
[16:27.02] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol .. yea, you wouldn't really benefit would you
[16:27.24] TSC[02];HOST848_61754 kicks the pizza leeches
[16:27.29] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] I'd have to order it by the slics
[16:27.35] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] no hot linking pizza
[16:27.38] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] *slice
[16:28.23] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] hot linking is ok...it's the cold linking that's out of the question
[16:29.17] TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496 browses through AOL member ftp spaces for hidden pizzas
[16:29.45] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol i doubt aol would support pizza
[16:29.50] [Løgïç101_16514] PizzaDoughs = Windows
[16:30.12] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] open source?
[16:30.20] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] certainly
[16:30.35] [Løgïç101_16514] RSOP
[16:30.51] [Løgïç101_16514] *RSOT
[16:31.15] [Løgïç101_16514] Red Screen of Tomato
[16:31.16] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] Your pizza cannot be dilevered. error 1002. low resources. this is brought to you by PizzaDoughs
[16:31.25] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:31.29] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] hehehe
[16:31.48] [Løgïç101_16514] Pizza Hut - PizzaDoughs 2000 Hungry Edition
[16:32.06] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] error 404 - pizza not found
[16:32.09] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] *2024
[16:32.21] ¤ßßQ¤ pip2kk846_62137 has left
[16:32.41] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] error 403 - no pizza for you
[16:32.46] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] lol
[16:33.04] [Løgïç101_16514] Pizza Parlour 2024 Professional
[16:33.14] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] error 570 - pizza authentication failed
[16:33.20] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol
[16:33.57] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] error 666 - evil pizza detected
[16:34.18] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] error, your browser is not supported, please upgrade to PizzaNet Explorer 6.5
[16:34.26] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] error 666 - evil pizza deleted
[16:34.56] [Løgïç101_16514] teehee
[16:35.00] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] lol
[16:35.03] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] Norton AntiPizzaVirus 2024
[16:35.09] [Løgïç101_16514] ty ty
[16:35.11] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] LOL kris
[16:35.17] [Løgïç101_16514] took me 10mins to think of that
[16:35.51] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] you know, people will come in now asking "what is PTML and P++"
[16:35.56] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] BigFix 2024...downloads new toppings as they are released
[16:36.02] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] PizzaText Markup Language?
[16:36.03] [Løgïç101_16514] and we will tell them
[16:36.15] [Løgïç101_16514] yeh
[16:36.26] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] a little tool tip window in bottom right saying "warning: your system is running low on pizza toppings"
[16:36.27] [Løgïç101_16514] dont ask about PizzaScript
[16:36.45] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] the pizza hardware should also have a "jam" button incase the base gets stuck
[16:37.15] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] and the inevitable one: New topping updates are ready to install
[16:37.36] [Løgïç101_16514] PizzaPack One
[16:37.49] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol PP1
[16:37.54] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] hmm...a new use for my Screaming Broccoli prog
[16:38.00] [Løgïç101_16514] how big is the log lol
[16:38.03] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol
[16:38.15] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] probably very big
[16:38.16] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] |---------------------| this big tom
[16:38.24] [Løgïç101_16514] log.pizza
[16:38.32] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] not actual size
[16:38.41] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] *
[16:38.48] [Løgïç101_16514] log size not your pizza size
[16:39.29] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] PizzaShop Pro....nice custom tubes
[16:39.31] /\/\artin_130286_55062 wonders if the hardware will have Find and Replace, incase you didn't want certain things on it
[16:39.46] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] that's what RW was for
[16:39.52] [TSC[02];HOST848_61754] and the pizzapad
[16:40.12] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] PizzaShop Pro will have the find and replace
[16:40.40] [Løgïç101_16514] Adobe Pizza Parlour
[16:41.01] [Løgïç101_16514] Pizzaamp
[16:41.14] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] lol!
[16:41.22] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] script kiddies will be coming into LVHC asking "how do you hack Pizza Hut?"
[16:41.27] [Løgïç101_16514] Pizza Online
[16:41.34] [Løgïç101_16514] PFT code
[16:41.36] [Løgïç101_16514] ofc
[16:41.42] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] lol april
[16:41.43] [Løgïç101_16514] (\ptf[16:42.05] TSC[12];NeutronBomb 939_48644 has left
[16:42.17] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] ptf lol
[16:42.19] [Løgïç101_16514] heh
[16:42.21] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] and exploits will be to remotely top other people's pizzas!
[16:42.27] [Løgïç101_16514] NB crashed from ptf
[16:42.28] [®Tîfî©îÂL-ÎÑTÊLLîGÊÑÇÊ_641_51344] martin?
[16:42.29] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] pizzatext format
[16:42.34] [Løgïç101_16514] lol
[16:42.36] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] yea ai?
[16:42.51] [Løgïç101_16514] PIZZA-ÎÑTÊLLîGÊÑÇÊ
[16:43.04] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] steal someone's pizzawords
[16:43.06] [/\/\artin_130286_55062] Pøgïç ?
[16:43.23] [Løgïç101_16514] Partin
[16:43.50] [Løgïç101_16514] PizzaCrupt
[16:44.08] [Løgïç101_16514] ||!!|||!!||!!||| «--- barcode from pizza
[16:44.16] [TSC[01];||!!|||!!||!!|||539_11496] naturally
[16:44.24] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] pizzas have barcodes?
[16:44.25] [®Tîfî©îÂL-ÎÑTÊLLîGÊÑÇÊ_641_51344] £4.94 when scanned
[16:44.35] [®Tîfî©îÂL-ÎÑTÊLLîGÊÑÇÊ_641_51344] on the box
[16:44.42] [Løgïç101_16514] on premade ones from supermarkets
[16:44.54] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] oh... thats cheating
[16:45.13] [«G³» `°ºKrìshèån Ðråçónísº°´ 10181_22359] its not delivery... its DiGiorno
[16:55.31] Topic: PizzaDoughs to Pizznux | PTML to P++ | All Toppings Welcome