Normally I am against any type of ads that annoy visitors (popups, banners, etc) and go to great lengths to ensure any site I build does not contain any visible ads to bother visitors. I have even hidden the Google ads banner at the top of this page. I like Google's ad banner and I consider it an exception since the ads try to be relevant to the content of the page, but the one on this page is ugly and the colors don't match right. If I change the colors of this site to blue & white, I will consider revealing it for you to see.

Taking this into consideration, I am looking for feedback related to something I added today: our first ad.

This is not an ordinary ad. This one may make some of you with coding experience some extra cash. There is a website called Rent a Coder that offers programmers the chance to bid on projects that other people need done. They have an ad box, that I have added below the member site links, that lists recent job offers that you can bid on.

If you like it or think it's a good idea, it will stay. If you don't like it and can tell me why, I will consider removing it.

Please click the comments link and tell me what you think about it.