I just got this in an email from someone. Thought I'd share it for laughs:

Remember that email that comes around from time to time about the tech who was fired because he lost his patience with a client when he discovered his hour on the phone with her computer not working was due to a power outage? Well, here is the reverse of that story except this one is true, and I know that it is true, because is just happend to me as I stupidly logged on to AOL's live tech help looking for assistance on Wednesday, August 18th, 2004 at 7:32 PM.

Welcome (My Screen Name) ... Connecting to server. Please wait...

Connected to tech-c.mhi.aol.com

Welcome to America Online's customer service, a customer service consultant will be with you shortly.

TechLiveKULS has joined this session! Hello, Brandee. Welcome to Live Technical Support. My name is Keith. (My Screen Name) stated the question or problem as: Hello. I belong to two groups on AOL, however, I cannot send email from my AOL account to the groups as the groups address listing does not show in my address book. It used to. How can I get it back, please?.

TechLiveKULS says, Are you signed on with the same computer that you need assistance with?

You say (this is me), Yes

TechLiveKULS says, I am sorry, you have lost it.

You say (this is me), This listing used to be automatically added to my address book whenever I joined a group.

You say, It's not a big deal, I guess. I just cannot sent attachments this way.

TechLiveKULS says, Do you want to send attachments through e-mail?

You say (this is me), I want the address entry for my AOL groups to show in my address book, please.

TechLiveKULS says, I am really sorry, this is not possible.

You say (this is me), Why not? It used to add the group automatically when I joined the group. However, when I reformatted and got back on AOL the entries were gone.

You say (this is me), I reinstalled AOL from the same disc I always use.

TechLiveKULS says, May I know what are the steps you have tried so far?

You say (this is me), Nothing, other than looking at the options for groups, which had nothing there about this.

TechLiveKULS says, Have you deleted that group?

You say (this is me), No sir, I jsut reformatted my computer; reloaded AOL from the same disk. I am still a member of the group.

TechLiveKULS says, Do you have a back up copy of your previous AOL software?

You say (this is me), A backup? ALl I have is the exact disk that I always use

TechLiveKULS says, I apologize. There is a system problem affecting a portion of AOL right now. It has been reported and will be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

TechLiveKULS says, I am soory you have lost your address book, beacu

TechLiveKULS says, Oops! Please ignore that last response. It wasn't the correct one.

You say (this is me), They actually give you guys form responses?

TechLiveKULS says, I am sorry you have lost your address book, because you have all you e-mail address in your previous versions.

You say, No, I not lost my addressbook; just the ability to have the AOL groups listed in there.

You say (this is me), My address book is still there.

TechLiveKULS says, It seems that you wish to do auto e-mail address to address book, Am I right?

You say (this is me), No.

You say, I want to send email to my groups on groups@aol.

You say, II want to send this email from my AOL account.

You say (this is me), NOT from the web page at groups@aol

TechLiveKULS says, Do you want to send e-mail?

You say (this is me), When you join a group, the address to the group was automatically added to my address book with a group icon.

You say (this is me), Umm.. well, yeah.

You say (this is me), But not through the Web page.

TechLiveKULS says, Please try it again to see if it's working now.

You say (this is me), No, it is not.

TechLiveKULS says, I will give you the steps to correct this.

TechLiveKULS says, Click SETTINGS on the AOL Toolbar. Click the A-Z tab, then click the ADDRESS BOOK SETTINGS link. Click the box next to AUTOMATICALLY ADD E-MAIL ADDRESSES TO MY ADDRESS BOOK to check (enable) or uncheck (disable) the option. Click SAVE.

TechLiveKULS says, Those are the steps that you need to perform. You should be all set.

You say (this is me), That has previously been done and it did not work. All that does is add email addresses of email I open.

TechLiveKULS says, I am not able to determine exactly what type of assistance you need. If you could restate your question or provide more information, I'll be more than happy to assist you.

You say (this is me), You must be joking.. are you trying to piss me off to the point that I let you off the hook here?

You say (this is me), You seem like a really nice guy, but I think I know more about AOL than you do.

TechLiveKULS says, Allow me to research the issue further.

The next thing I see on the screen is this: