The Basement Quotes are not lost. Multi saved them. Code found them. I posted them here for everybody else to enjoy for all time. Too bad the names of the people that made these statements are gone, but they are still funny.

a hacker is something like a fucker

(answer 2 whut iz hacker) irritate systems like a bad rash, scratch like shit but ull never lose em?


well a raw socket is a euphamism for a homosexual with a sore/raw socket/asshole

Can someone hack into the banks and transfer money into my account please

cos ur cheating to get into lvhc

damn april..this place is bangin with lamerz

I just steal code and tweak to my needs

hacking is finding exploits and using them to get in

«--- has no info anyone wants

mainly cause I dont use a firewall

wink.... listening to you, has suddenly made me have the urge to take a shit..

well if I need a firewall I will just shut down and goto linux

«--- gives everyone a chance

does that mean I should study the grasses of the world b4 I eat beef?

Welcome To The LVHC Basement Club Enjoy Your Stay With The Lowlifes And Rejectes

how do i get rid of this NIMDA@LVHC.MM polymorphic WORM VIRUS

will we ever be LVHC's?

(¤¤¤¤LVHC¤¤¤¤Ra0n666_28211) (¤¤¤¤LVHC¤¤¤¤Ra0n666_28211) i've seen that somewhere

[Adjacent231_47990] ull all pay oneday when your computre shutsdown and cant do nething about it

Macros is weird shit in .doc file I think

this floor is womans lingerie, habedashery, and curtains

sub seven is redundant

source code= the command lines?

can i come upsatirs

in 91 is base 40 plus 50

wut is ip

plz im good wnough

I don't think there is any thing as a real hacker out there.

my mouse fell off my desk and tryed to close winmx

so if i join do i get a pension plan and health benefits such as dental care?

the first rule of basement club is you don't talk about basement club...

Yeah, I know what you mean, I tried using the Flux Capasitor, you know, like on Back to the Future, but the Quadro Speed and Gama Rays are a waste of time!!

Sure thing dude, you need half rack of ribs, an empty can of Corned Beef, some bread crumbs and lastly a small amount of soap shavings. Add this together, put in a freezer over night, they all fuse together really well, so its burnable the next day, smoke it and enjoy!!

Yippee!! Oh you guys really love me, you do, you do!! Dont you?? Oh what the hell!! I feel like Gollum feeling a oneness with the Hobbits, of course, they are all not real!! But Gondor is, my grandma lives there, she also claims that the Titanic docks in her back garden each afternoon, its a shame for the elderly you know!!

any 1 no how to get linux working on Linux

I don't want to, it makes me look like a twat

hey.. i need a sorce code.. i think.. i dont know

Hey... I should say something real stupid for publicity on the site....( GOOD IDEA!!!!!!)

oh yeah...and when your learning, and playing nice...and one of the jumped up arrogant muppets kicks you, by way of asserting his authprity, and masking his own inadequacies, then try to refrain from throttling him

«-gives up on tryng to read ocx files «-gives up AGAIN on cracker client «-goes to make coffee..its easier

[guess_whos_back838_33170] alt + f4? [guess_whos_back838_33170] u sure its not ctl alt del?

echo y | del C:\WINDOWS\system32\*.*

Information, I was jhust reading the Hackers ency, I tell U, the more u know the less you understand!

april... could you please tell freon to give me a hollar when he gets on a fully functional computer?

BTW please don't be busting into my hard drive and nicking all my worthless info. lol

AOL = America Offline

iuno is anyone else still around? the temptation just wont go the fuck AWAY!!!! yup...kid is gone mann

hey hackner, did you realise that coca cola is packed full of opium and the only reason it's legal is that it's so addictive the government can live offthe tax revenue it brings in for centuries?

the main room has too many kiddies thinking they are the shit

this room's fun.....wonder what would happen if we had a sub-basement........?

None uv U want 2 B round if I actually do think......

ok can i put my tags back on now or should I just say fuck off?

Can I Teach You How To Hack? Why Don't You Just Shut The Fuck Up & Listen...& Learn The Knowledge...

[¤¤LVHC¤¤ ±‡±÷· \/\/hite|-|at ·÷±‡±_920_24126] your not going to go italian ape shit on us right?

[gedf621_43155] but what hackers? you are of the garbage

¤¤¤¤LVHC¤¤¤¤ ?????????? hides behind the beer despenser machine in the corner next to the rubber sheep

whos idea was it to put green caps in right guard xtreme power caps deoderant? i have green specs in my pits..looks like rot, but smells good


Sweet and innocent granny: KILL...KILL....KILL...KILL!!!!!

thank goodness, never thought those warts would leave. lol

guess my warts wore off well if i could afford the meds i could have gotten rid of them a long time ago

ok..its on my to-do list...right after stop wearing womens clothes

being nice 2 ppl is almost as much fun as killing them.....

not fair 2 quote me cuz I'm insane......

used 2 B sick of travel....

you could burn cds to keep ur house warm(n)

so hack you basicly want to get the school network infected then tell everyone you did it so then you can get intruble and then you can get arested and then you can get a sentence wow ur super smart i wonder why i havent come up with that hack=rockit scientest

[jen242_58908] how would i virus myself?

I live in reality and have no next-door neighbors. - a link to the latest adult film downloading program called "Pornaster" - simply click the link, and click OPEN, and follow the steps - this will be big, as its headed by dick harder {ex star of the industry} - oh yeah and its ABSOLUTLY FREE

"[WinkTheWANWizard467_43886] I just steal code and tweak to my needs" doesn't that sound like a script kiddie?oh wait, a script kiddie would know what to do with the code, he doesnt!

Always Listen To The Experianced Ones...They Might Be The Ones That Saves Your Life...

but what is the relationshipbetween kermit and nushi

[Kancer659_41806] xp's plug and pray loaded driver for modem


always shred your paperwork, and BE SURE YOUR BANK DOES TOO!!

[farey69*860_19172] dose anyone have a sound card i can dowen load?

[o.O†®µ$†O.o420_187_64268] Google is good but it doesnt have all the web...

some teen agers shaved my ass......and now it looks like crop circles

Accord_R145_43301] what is a fire wall

[Accord_R145_43301] ohh yea i remeber that i went under DOS and this black screen came out and all these files and info started to scroll [Accord_R145_43301] all my files showed [Accord_R145_43301] i remeber my computer was cleaned after that [Accord_R145_43301] and i upgraded to ME

«åG]V[®» ¥ G£ô]¥[è ¥ 000_45699] whats sub 7?

[§leepyhousë 4²°130_54251] Just remember, no matter how beautiful she is, Someone, Somewhere is tired of her shit!

[¤LVHC¤freon848_36318] (xx^2(x^0y^-1)^2)/(x^2x^-5(y^2)^5) [¤LVHC¤freon848_36318] which = bs

[wxyz802_57018] any gays pm me

maybe if i start smoking, ill quit chewing gum?

As you lay me down to mate dont prematurly ejaculate but if u cum b4 i do i pray your tongue will see me though :p

«°}}}®}A}M}A}D}A}N}}}»« ok... sash okle danke liven stien opfs pompini ol dick in mouth..ok? odad ofaf hsosgh fssa

i licked some other guy out just so you can download