Well, I finally went and did it...and now to explain why:

LVHC, by it's nature attracts the wrong kind of people. The name of the room and the room topic invites all the crap on WinMX. Many of the long time members have tried really hard to get rid of the negative image that the room has. It's hopeless...the crap still comes in. It seems the rules we tried to make, the friendly atmosphere, the good image we were after as being the best room on WinMX is only appreciated by those working hard to create it. Since multi can't run true programming at this time, due to personal reasons, I had to do something. I found myself being dragged down by the crap. I found myself behaving badly...becoming crap myself. I didn't like it. I had to get out. I had to go somewhere else. Since true programming wasn't open, the logical thing was to start another room.

The SourceCode will be like the old LVHC Basement Club. People will be given a chance. People will be welcome in the room as long as they can behave and act mature. People that are eager to learn will find help and encouragement. Nobody will be kicked or banned without a good reason. The rules that multi originally posted for LVHC will apply. As soon as I get a copy from him I will post them on this site, and maybe add a few of my own. A few people from LVHC will not be allowed in the room till I can see that they have matured some and are willing to live by the rules and not be a threat to the spirit of the room. They know who they are and I do not have to mention them by name.It is not my intention to upset them and start a "war". My intentions are just to have a better place to be, and provide a better alternative than the current LVHC situation.

Membership is not currently open till I have my admin list established. There will be no rank, but there will be a numbering system. The numbers will be based on when you joined, rather than how much brains or skills you have. Nobody is better than someone else and the ego trip that rank causes is bad for the room. The top ten numbers will be reserved for my admins only because it will make it easier to know who they are to everyone else. I am [01]...it's my room. Code is [02]...he's hosting for me (thanks). Kiz is [03]...she was the next one I asked. Martin is [04]...a good guy I can trust and agrees with what I am trying to do here. [00] is reserved for multi out of the respect I have for him as a person. That will put his name at the top of the list, where I personally feel he belongs. The rest of the spots in the top 10 have yet to be filled.

Anyone that has skills that are in a position to help others would do well to read this, and that would be EVERYBODY:


There are no stupid people, there are no stupid questions. We were not born knowing how to use a computer....we all had to learn. Be nice to everyone...even that guy that don't know where the power button on his comp is.